Unleash Your Story: Get Your Non-Fiction Book Done!

Stop saying "If they ONLY knew my story" and start telling it.

You've been holding on to that personal story, that incredible brand journey, or that life-changing business hack for far too long. It's time to break free from the confines of secrecy and finally share your message with the world.

Why Now?

Because someone out there is eagerly waiting for your story, your journey, your insights to transform their lives. Your unique experiences and wisdom have the power to inspire, motivate, and ignite change in others. The time has come to transition from being a "Best Kept Secret" to becoming the game-changer you were destined to be. Together, let's give your story the stellar support it deserves.

Introducing "Get Your Non-Fiction Book Done," an in-depth course designed to guide you through the process of transforming your ideas and experiences into a compelling non-fiction book. This course is your key to unlocking the potential within your story and sharing it with the world.

What will you gain from this course?

Clarity and Direction: Gain clarity on the core message of your book and identify the most impactful aspects of your story. Develop a clear roadmap and direction for your writing journey.

  1. Writing Strategies and Techniques: Learn proven writing strategies and techniques to effectively communicate your message and captivate your readers. Explore storytelling techniques, structuring methods, and engaging writing styles that will bring your story to life.
  2. Overcoming Obstacles: Overcome common hurdles and obstacles that may have held you back from starting or completing your book. Gain insights into managing self-doubt, overcoming writer's block, and staying motivated throughout the writing process.
  3. Editing and Polishing: Discover the secrets of effective editing and polishing to ensure your book is of the highest quality. Learn how to refine your manuscript, craft compelling chapters, and perfect your writing style.
  4. Publishing and Promotion: Get guidance on the publishing process, including traditional publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid options. Explore effective marketing and promotion strategies to ensure your book reaches its intended audience.

Your story deserves to be heard, and someone out there needs it. Enroll in "Get Your Non-Fiction Book Done" today and unleash the transformative power of your words.

Don't let your story remain untold. Join us on this transformative journey, and together, let's create a book that will change lives.

Get started today, and let your story shine!

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction - Pre-Writing and Positioning

    2. Pre-Writing PDF

    3. Lesson 1 - Why Are You Writing This Book Now?

    4. Lesson 2 - What's the goal of your book?

    5. Lesson 3 - What are the conversation details of your book?

    6. Lesson 4 - Vet Your Chosen topic

    7. Lesson 5 - Who is your book speaking to AND how will they benefit from it?

    8. Lesson 6 - Benefit Framing Subtopics

    9. Lesson 7 - Let's Start Outlining

    10. Lesson 8 - Summaries and More!

    1. Introduction to Writing

    2. Writing PDF

    3. Lesson 1 - Get the Writing Out!

    4. Lesson 2 - Useful tools to get the words out.

    5. Lesson 3 - The talk through edit

    6. Lesson 4 - Build Your Book

    7. Lesson 5 - PUT THE BOOK DOWN!

    8. Lesson 6 - The Perfect Title

    9. Lesson 7 - The Perfect Subtite

    10. Lesson 8 - The Final Read Through

    11. Lesson 9 - editing & Proofreading

    1. Introduction to Design

    2. Lesson 1 - KDP eBook Format

    3. KDP eBook Template Sample DOWNLOAD

    4. Lesson 2 - Smashwords eBook Format

    5. Smashwords eBook Template Sample DOWNLOAD

    6. Lesson 3 - KDP PRINT (Formerly CreateSpace) Print Format

    7. KDP PRINT (Formerly CreateSpace) Resources

    8. Lesson 4 - eBook /Front Cover Only

    9. Lesson 5 - Full Cover

    1. Introduction to Publishing

    2. Lesson 1 - Publish on KDP

    3. Lesson 2 - Publish on Smashwords

    4. Lesson 3- Publish on KDP Print (Formerly CreateSpace)

    1. Promotion Lesson 1

    2. Promotion Lesson 2

    3. Promotion Lesson 3

    1. Bonus Info - Cover Design Resources

    2. Bonus Info - Editing Resources

    3. Bonus Info - Marketing Resources

    4. Bonus Info - Smashwords Interior Resources

    5. Bonus Info - 4 Steps You MUST HAVE to Reverse Engineer Your 5 Figure Book Strategy: Detailed steps to help you connect with readers and fast track the "know, like and trust" process.

    6. Bonus Info - ONE DEADLY MISTAKE that Will Cause Your Book Strategy to Fail

    7. Bonus Info - The Raving Reader Roadmap

About this course

  • $297.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


Instructor Tar'kesa Colvin

Tar’kesa Colvin was born a southern girl, raised in Michigan, and now calls the south home again.  She is an Army wife, the mom of 4 (including 2 furbabies), V.P. of finance for her home, a puppy and grand-kitten wrangler, An author with 2 active pen names, plus a full-time Leadership Development Consultant. 

Tar’kesa’s achievements include:

  • Writing and publishing 19+ books of her own in just 6 years
  • Award-Winning Publishing Consultant
  • Bestselling Author
  • Former TV Show
  • Contributor to The Huffington Posts,
  • Contributor to Thrive Global
  • Contributor to Addicted 2 Success
  • Helped over 80 authors successfully write their books
  • Mentoring authors through becoming featured authors at the NAACP National Convention, featured experts on NBC, having TEDx talks, and securing features in well-known magazines like Cosmo

Her goal is to help people write the books they dream of and sharing them with the masses.